Animal Name: Merlin

Testimonial - MerlinI first contacted Becky 3 days after my 9 month old cat Merlin went missing.  I was so worried and didn’t know what to do, but from the first time we spoke I knew I couldn’t have chosen anyone better to help me.  She was so kind and understanding, and I felt like I’d made a friend straight away.

She connected with Merlin, told me he was alive and well but had got lost and was stuck somewhere, possibly behind a tall fence which he couldn’t get over.  She asked me to visualise Merlin coming home as often as possible, and kept in touch with me daily to reassure me he was still all right, although she did say he had managed to get over the fence but had hurt his back legs doing so.

After a week Becky had a dream that Merlin would come home – and sure enough, the following day he did.  Unfortunately this was not the end of the story – he was very nervous and got scared off before we could get him indoors, so we were back to looking for him again.

The weeks went on but Becky never gave up.  She was so supportive and positive and I don’t know how I would have coped without her.  She gave me some more clues – she had seen Merlin in a cold room with lots of boxes and people talking next door, also there seemed to be a connection with many white lorries and something to do with removals, so we guessed that possibly Merlin was in a building or house where people may have been either moving in or moving out and the boxes were their belongings. She did also mention that she could see what looked like stacks of fence panels, but we couldn’t see how that would fit in at the time.  We both felt that Merlin was still very close to home. Becky also asked a trusted friend & fellow animal communicator about Merlin & she also felt that the boxes & building were relevant.

Becky was tuning in to Merlin daily, and I was searching daily as well.  She said he was now hungry and tired and wanted to be home and suggested we try to reach the public in oher ways.  As time was going on, I put an advertisement in the local paper, and got a call from a lorry driver who worked locally to say he had seen a cat in his yard at work.  This then gave me a likely area to search, and Becky was also asking Merlin make himself known and to listen for my voice and come to me.

On the third day, I was searching the area and calling him, when I saw a little cat running towards me in the darkness, and realised it was Merlin!  It was the only time I hadn’t taken anything out with me to safely put him in, I called my husband and he came straight over with a carrier. We managed to get him home, he was scared, smelt of fuel & his fur was covered in the substance. We were so Happy to have our Merlin home.

My husband & I went back the next day to thank the kind driver who had rung me.  He showed me the lorry yard – it was a hauliers/removal company and their lorries were all white, & there was a strong smell of fuel, just as Becky had seen & described to me.  And the yard was stacked with, not fence panels that she thought she could see in the dark, but pallets, which Merlin had spent a lot of time hiding around.  The man said that Merlin had been practically living in the yard, under the vans and in the warehouse hiding amongst the boxes.  Everything had suddenly come together and was exactly as Becky had described.

After he returned, I took Merlin to the vet for a check up, and apart from having lost a lot of weight, was healthy overall except for one thing – his back legs were hurting him, although fortunately it was nothing worse than pulled muscles.  The vet said perhaps he hurt himself jumping over something, which made me smile as Becky had told me the same thing regarding his legs & how he had hurt them weeks before!

I can’t thank Becky enough for all she did for us during the 5 weeks Merlin was missing.  She is so very kind and supportive, and obviously cares very much about the animals she helps (and their people).  I have recommended her to several friends already and would love to work with her again in the near future, this time with my very troubled rescue cat.

Thank you Becky, from the bottom of my heart, Val xxxx