Animal Name: Alena

This is Beautiful Alena, who went missing on the 19th May, I was asked to consult on her, I am so happy to say she is home safe. Here is her Mum Maria’s testimonial:

I cannot thank Rebekah enough for reuniting us with our little cat. If you are not sure whether her gift and skills can help you, please read about the experience we had of her services.

Our very young rescue cat Alena went missing from our 3rd floor flat on a miserable evening 10 days ago and although we were doing our best to find her (we were about to hire out a thermal camera, which might perhaps have helped if we had not been able to find Alena otherwise), we were struggling to keep up the hope that our little mite hadn’t fallen to her death or been chased into an accident by a fox, a dog etc, and that she wanted to come home – which, due to the fact that we live high up from the street, seemed difficult to imagine her doing. I contacted Rebekah through her website, with a photo of Alena and whatever info I thought might be relevant, and within hours this talented and caring lady had sent me a helpful reply and tried to reach Alena, seemingly with great success as her initial intuition as to how our kitty felt was spot on. The next day, Rebekah held with me a phone consultation, going through everything she could find and explain to me about what our Alena was experiencing and walking me through every step of a connection with Alena (which was a feat considering that Alena had only lived with us for a month and was still quite scared of us, which means our bond was sadly very tenuous). Rebekah gave me very insightful clues as to where Alena might be, which completely matched our neighbourhood. On my way home from work, I followed Rebekah’s instructions to be mentally present with Alena and I could soon feel a burning need to check a specific spot behind our block when I got home. Against all odds, in the rain and after 10 days of missing, Alena came out from an area that matched with bewildering accuracy Rebekah’s intuition & infor from communication as to where she might be. She was scared if me but Rebekah had obviously managed to encourage Alena to trust us as she stood there, meowing for my help in spite of her fear.

In spite of the fact that I was optimistic about Rebekah’s intervention, I was stunned by how accurate her intuition and communication had been about Alena – not only did she help us find a cat we hadn’t been able to find for 10 days within hours of us contacting her, but almost every single detail she mentioned about the sort of spot where Alena might be hiding and the way she might feel and be physically was very precisely accurate. There are of course many elements coming into play in cases like ours with Alena, and we were very lucky that our little girl was making as much of an effort to be found as Rebekah and I made to find her, but although you may not have encountered anything like Rebekah’s skill before, I wholeheartedly recommend that you trust her intuition and dedication if you need to communicate with your pet, and I do think that if her intervention doesn’t immediately lead to finding your missing pet or resolving your problem, the solution is very likely to be somewhere in the clues Rebekah can find on your pet’s situation/state.

Thank you so much Rebekah, we will definitely come to you in the future if our kitties and we need your expert help! XX