Animal Name: Dino

Dino and PetraI am very grateful to Rebekah. It was one of the most helpful things I have done during the time of bereavement. Our most beloved Weimaraner dog ‘Dino’ left his body in July ’13 and I was so fortunate to get messages from him when talking to Becky in November. I know that it was real because I was told some details about our ‘Weim’ ( and events) which she could have not known.

I feel so much better now and more peaceful. I will certainly ask Rebekah for help again when needed and will go to her workshop to learn about animal communication. I wish I had known it when ‘He’ was still with us (physical). I strongly recommend Rebekah, she is very expert and most loving, gentle, understanding and respectful. Her love for animals speaks volumes.

Thank you so much Rebekah!
with gratitude and love X
Petra – Ramsgate ,Kent