Animal Name: Georgie (Rescue Papillon)

Georgie TestimonialRebekah was able to reflect Georgie’s personality very well, and added very informative information about his life before us (he is a 7 year-old rescue).

I was able to tie up what Rebekah said with what I know about his previous home.

In terms of the present, with us, she was able to tell me things that I could verify, such as he likes to be with us (he does, he likes us all, including the other pups, to be together).

She said he was wary of children, which I am aware of, and she was able to describe, accurately, what Georgie feels about the two big lumbering Golden Retriever pups that are also part of our family.

Interestingly, Rebekah was able to pick up on Georgie’s matted, tangled, hair – which is due to the fact that Georgie is terrified of being touched, so grooming is difficult (we are sending him to a groomer who knows how to deal with little dogs like this)

I was relieved to hear that Georgie feels happy and safe with us, and is learning quickly and eager to please.

Because he has epilepsy, we have him on various remedies, and Rebekah was able to confirm that they are helping, and that he is ‘getting there’.

Most strikingly, Rebekah is clearly a medical intuitive in the making. She was able to accurately scan Georgie’s body and pick up on the luxating patilla he had operated on earlier.

She pointed out a problem with one of his teeth, which I will get checked out.

She was also able to pick up on his sore sensitive eyes (clearly a reflection of his epilepsy) and how he hallucinates when hands go towards him.

She didn’t explain it in those terms, but what she did say made it clear that she had picked up on Georgie’s condition, and also gave me more insight into it from Georgie’s perspective.

Rebekah was channelling throughout our conversation, which was pretty impressive.

She also did Compassion Release for Georgie, which was appreciated.

Rebekahs communication details were excellent and extremely helpful. Rebekah shared information that will help us to better care for Georgie, and to understand him better.

This was a very practical, useful, verifiable animal communication session.

Rebekah has a sparkling career as an animal communicator ahead of her.

Accuracy Percentage: 99%

Rebekah is pleasant and professional, and clearly compassionate for the animals. I really enjoyed and valued the session.

I would definitely recommend Rebekah to others.

Catherine O’Driscoll – Welfare
Founder of Canine Health Concern