Animal Name: Munchkin

Munchkin TestimonialI give my heart felt thanks to Rebekah for all her help and kindness.  I initially contacted Rebekah as I was very worried about our beloved cat, Munchkin, who had not taken kindly to his new housemate – a 9 year old rescue Border Collie.  It had got to the point where he was hiding upstairs and if he did go out we were concerned that he may become too frightened to return.  After our initial chat I also asked if Rebekah could work with our dog, Zippy, as well as he has had a difficult life and we are his 4th home and she was very happy to so.

With great anticipation our first consultation took place.  Rebekah had made good contact with Munchkin and Zippy.  She was very accurate describing Munchkin’s personality – gentle with a quiet voice.  Playtime and cuddles on his terms and that he is used to receiving lots of attention.  It is more difficult to say for sure what Rebekah says about Zippy as we have only had him for a few weeks.  However, she mentioned his back hind quarters being stiff which is true and sadly added that he had been kicked on his right side in the past and also said that Zippy wanted to be friends with Munchkin, which I believe.  What I had not expected was Rebekah to then say in a very kind way, was that I also needed help and was very emotional.  It was like a light switch going on inside me.  I have always thought myself as a strong person, who must always be doings things and helping others and that my problems were small and could be brushed under the carpet.  Suddenly, for the first time in my life I felt that it was okay for me to acknowledge I am not superwoman and that even if my problems are small, they are my problems and I am entitled to have feelings.  I realised that in order for me to best help Munchkin and Zippy I needed to feel at peace with myself.

Since the 1st consultation Rebekah has been doing some distant healing work for all of us.  Almost straight away, I have felt so much calmer and my mind more peaceful.  The house has different vibes now.  The ‘boys’ have also made good progress.  Munchkin is now out and about upstairs and following Rebekah’s communication with Munchkin when he said ‘he didn’t like all the prison gates’ (we have 3 pet gates up), we have tried to keep them open a lot more, which he does seem comfortable with.  He also went out last night and for the first time in ages, he came back in of his own accord through a door we’d left open in the morning.   Zippy also seems calmer when Munchkin is around.  He is also happier in some situations he was wary of before.  We are looking forward to our next consultation later this week.

With love

Gillian xx