Animal Name: Poppy Ellis (West Highland Terrier)

Poppy TestimonialRebekahs first connection was excellent. The emotional and physical details of Poppy were picked up accurately by Rebekah for us to continue on with the communication. Interesting that she picked up on a chronic issue that is deep in the body rather than the skin problem that the owner is more concerned about.

Makes you think how much of the time we are missing what is really of a concern to these animals in our care.

Communication details were excellent, all of the phyisicals were then systematically picked up by Rebekah, and I was very happy to receive more info on poppy’s emotional state and the energy level.

Rebekah was able to feel what poppy was feeling and interpreting this to me in a straight forward way.

For example, Treatment, feeling good for Poppy when massaged around particular parts of the body, like the base of the ear, rump area etc.

Accuracy Percentage 99%

From the very first email Rebekah sent me, her enthusiasm, down-to-earth joy de vie shone through!

She spoke with clarity and it was a great experience on my part to have taken part in her path.

I would recommend Rebekah to others!

Caroline Kim


Veterinary Surgeon & Homeopath