Animal Name: Stella

Stella TestimonialI would like to give the biggest thank you in helping me be united with my beloved Stella.

Stella, my very timid beautiful British Blue disappeared one night from our home in the mountains of Andalucia. She did sometimes not come back for breakfast so I did not worry too much but when she did not come back the next day complete and utter panic set in. We searched the streets and houses and put notices up but not one person had seen her. There were mountain foxes located near my house, there were hunters shooting rabbits and farmers who regularly putting poison down, the outlook was not looking good.

I could not eat or sleep and was becoming increasing distraught and irrational. I think the pain is so intense with an animal because you alone have the relationship where as humans are shared with friends and relatives.

I remembered attending a one day introduction course in animal communication with James French when he was visiting his mother here in Spain, I found it extremely interesting and thought maybe I could find somebody to help me focus on Stella to bring her home.

There were many names on the list I found but was drawn to Rebekah’s.

She was very understanding and clear in her email, we arranged our first telephone conversation. Rebekah knows I was scared of going ahead as I didn´t want to hear that Stella was in pain or being held against her will. She calmly talked me through everything and said Stella was still with us. It was the first time the tears stopped in 6 days!

We talked and Rebekah was very accurate in her descriptions and her connection with Stella. My biggest problem was I could not get access to the areas Rebekah told me to look, also there were approximately 20 barns all looking the same. She said Stella was on a cause and was not ready to come back yet. She was most definitely alive.

More days passed and still no Stella , I was beginning to give up. All I could hope for is that someone was being loving and looking after her.

Then after 12 days My husband went downstairs to feed our other cats and there she was sitting next to her food bowl!!!! He said he wished he could have filmed the look on my face.!!!!

Stella was extremely thin, traumatized and had burnt ears from what looked like chemicals, she stayed on a jumper in the wardrobe for a few days but is now back to her chubby self although she does not go out much and also does not go very far.

I would like to thank Rebekah for her compassion, patience and expertise. I think I would have given up hope if Rebekah hadn’t gently talked through the situation. My Stella is home and our family unit is complete!!!!!!

Thank you again from Stella and myself.
Karen xxxxx