Assisting Vets & other Practitioners

I work on a very intuitive and intentional level to interpret the emotions and physical sensations that an animal chooses to share with me.  Being able to connect with and understand an animal on a heart and soul level is a true expression of trust, integrity, intention and compassion.

Animal communication can help address unexplained behavioural problems that may stem from deep-rooted emotional issues in the animal’s past.  Understanding these issues and helping the animal through them can make a real difference to the owner, as well as the animal’s quality of life, bringing peace back into their home.

I have helped many domestic rescue dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals to resolve behavioral/emotional and physical issues working at the request of owners, rescue staff and vets.

I have developed my intuitive and empathic abilities, and animals communicate with me when held or stroked, and sick ones asked for healing.

I have been asked to work at various rescues, and have worked closely with vets, I can help clarify medical or behavioural problems, and assist with understanding what the needs of various animals are. I have also worked with veterinary physiotherapists, which has proved useful as during the treatment, as when I channel & communicate with the animal I am able to ask the animal how they are responding to the manipulation and “feel” if it is working. Perhaps because of my medical background I particularly pick up on the animals physical sensations.

I have worked with issues relating to aggression, recovering from abuse, relationships with other animals or humans, illness, exercise, health, diet, training/obedience & most recently pre-operative/post-operative care.

I can help pet owners in emergencies such as trauma or sudden illness.


I use healing, which involves channelling healing through my hands from a Universal source of energy.  Healing can also be sent absently.

Please Note: this should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care and attention.