Helping Animals Move On


Above, My Beloved Saraqael, Passed away 28th October 2013, I Love him Dearly.

There comes a time in every relationship shared with an animal that we are faced with the difficult decision as to whether we should help them move on peacefully out of pain.

This is a highly emotional and difficult time and a tough decision that carries so many feelings with it.

Often we feel guilty that we haven’t done enough and questions like “What if we had done that….. Is there more we could of done…?” keep coming into our minds.

Animal communication can help in a way that makes the way forward clear.

This is done by making a good, strong connection with your animal. Once this is clear I can then provide you with information that truly reflects your animals feelings towards the questions.

Confirmation is then asked by connectors that only you and your animal will share/know about.

Animal Communication can also be used to help animals move peacefully into the Spirit world.

The whole process can bring Peace and Understanding to a highly emotional situation and help the whole grieving process of loosing our loved ones.

It can help owners move from a place of Sadness and Pain into Love and Happiness again.