Animal Communication

I work on a very intuitive and intentional level to interpret the emotions and physical sensations that an animal chooses to share with me.  Being able to connect with and understand an animal on a heart and soul level is a true expression of trust, integrity, intention and compassion.
Animal communication can help address unexplained behavioural problems that may stem from deep-rooted emotional issues in the animal’s past.  Understanding these issues and helping the animal through them can make a real difference to the owner, as well as the animal’s quality of life, bringing peace back into their home.
I have helped many domestic and rescue dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals to resolve behavioural/emotional and physical issues working at the request of owners, rescue staff and vets.

I have worked with issues relating to aggression, recovering from abuse, relationships with other animals or humans, illness, exercise, health, diet, training/obedience & most recently pre-operative/post-operative care.

Another important aspect of animal communication is helping both the beloved pet & owner move peacefully through the passing over process.  Animal communication can bring clarity for both animal and human.  Being able to understand what each is going through at this emotionally traumatic and intensely sensitive time can gently guide both animal and human through this transitional phase.   It is possible to communicate with animals that have passed into spirit and this can bring much comfort to humans who are left sad, lonely & emotional after their beloved pet has passed over.
I can work absently with a photo or can visit your home/establishment. Sometimes my work with an animal can be on-going and complex depending on their issues or problems.  I help pet owners in emergencies such as trauma or sudden illness and I can work with individual animals and multi-pet households.

I look forward to helping & sharing Animal Communication with you.

With Love