My Journey


Since I was a child, animals have always played an extremely important part in my life.

There has always been a steady stream of waifs and strays that have found their way to my door and each of these beautiful souls has taught and healed me as much as I have helped them.


Noodle, photo above- My dear rescue boy who found me all those years ago, still miss him, he was the most amazing character, everyone loved him!

Many dear animals have aided me on my path: Misty, Buscha, Dexter, little girl, Boot, Stanford, Crimson Tide, Foxy, Noodle and not forgetting sweet Saraqael and most recently my best friend of 14yrs, Shinzarn  (pictured below).

I now share my life with some very special animals, mainly all rescues, who help me to learn everyday. I am truly blessed.

I have always felt a strong connection and empathy with the animals that have come into my care but to truly communicate with them has always been my dream

Working as an Animal Communicator & healer is hugely rewarding on a minute by minute basis and even though I am qualified, I know I will continue my learning with every communication I do. I love the different perspective that every animal has on a situation.

I work on a very intuitive and intentional level to interpret the emotions and physical sensations that an animal chooses to share with me when I am communicating with them. Being able to connect with and understand an animal on a heart and soul level is true expression of trust, integrity, intention and compassion.

Working in this way has shown me the animal/human bond is very special and truly unique. I work with individual animals and specialise in multi-pet households. I look forward to helping & sharing Animal Communication with you!

Animal Communication

In order for me to become a qualified animal communicator, it was necessary for me to pass four assessments with a Veterinary Surgeon, an Animal Behaviourist, Animal Trainer and A Representative from Animal Welfare – all at the top of their respective fields and very well respected in their own right. The pass mark is over 90%.

I have also attended workshops in The Trust Technique, where I learnt how to gain the trust of animals, helping them to release past traumas on a greater level whilst supporting them fully.


Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Reiki Healer Level 1, 2

Crystal healing