Reiki & Other Healing

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Reiki For Animals

All animals, domestic or wild are intuitive to Reiki healing and can sense instinctively who can heal them, They are naturally drawn to those that will help them.

All animals take the energy they need to heal or relax and Reiki never cause discomfort, pain or distress. The animal is the healer and the practioner is just the channel for the healing energy.

Reiki healing can be used alongside conventional veterinary treatment, and does not interfere with the treatment, but can aid in speeding up the healing process, relieve stress of an unwell animal and ease away pain the animal may be suffering.

Reiki healing can also be used when an animal is dying, it calms and prepares them for their final journey into the spirit world. When Reiki is used for a dying animal, the owner also benefits greatly by experiencing the calm and peace their beloved pet experiences at the end and this can ease their grief and loss.

Reiki For Humans

Reiki is A wonderfully gentle healing, Reiki is a method of light touch which balances the Ki (energy) of the body to facilitate healing on all levels. Reiki can never do harm, and often does great good. It is suitable for all people and animals of all ages.

The art of laying hands on the human or animal body to comfort and relieve pain is as old as instinct. The session can be done with the client standing, lying down or seated, the client remains fully clothed.

Reiki can also be given absently to the client or their animal at a pre-arranged time and place.

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Hypnosis for Healing

Please see separate page.

Crystal Healing

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